Planning & Consultation

At Mercy Tourism, we assist the client with a review session for their travel plan and this policy is designed to benefit the client in line with the nature of the business. This results in helping the clients to be more specific about their requirement and to negotiate with us accordingly. It also helps them in route planning as well as competitive rates with agreed hotel groups.

Ticketing Services

With one of our director being IATA certified, we are eligible of acquiring the IATA license and have been working on the same. This license would allow us to ticket all the airlines registered under IATA.

Further Regardless of this, we have been issuing tickets for any airlines with a nominal service fee at any instance required for the client. We also issue tickets for buses and rails.


Passport & Visa Assistance

We provide complete guidance for everyone who requires a passport, right from filling the application form to tracking the delivery of the Passport.

With a sub contract of visa specialist companies we are able to obtain visa of any country for our clients.


Hotel Reservations

Mercy Tourism houses a database of all the major International hotels groups. Depending on our clients specifications we offer rates to our clients and the same is booked for them to make their journey time saving and beneficial.


Car Hiring

Mercy Tourism provides car hiring nationwide and internationally as we have ties with multiple car hire companies on a global basis. We can help our clients in hiring other vehicles like vans and busses as well.