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Mercy Tourism

We at mercy tourism are a burgeoning team committed to serve with an expertise in the travel industry, our team is a conglomeration of commitment and quality. Head office of mercy tourism is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Who Are We ?

At Mercy Tourism it is all about service to the best of our ability. Our protocol is transparency coupled with value beyond your expectations. We hope and assure you that our services are befitting. and assure your family comes back with memories to cherish.

Mercy Tourism is a one-stop resource destination that provides travelers, tourists, students, pilgrims, corporate and multinational companies with a comprehensive range of services. We offer travel planning, ticketing, passport & visa assistance, car hiring, and hotel reservations. We are specialized in domestic tourism, international tourism, health tourism, and Edu – tourism with experts in every field guiding with complete knowledge and wisdom.

Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage & halal tourism stands exclusive making us different from others

What We Can Offer?

We provide an efficient, cost-effective and confident service and Mercy Tourism is always happy to serve its clients according to their diverse requirements and it is only our clients who can understand us the best.


To develop as a brand that is known for being an industry leader and for being an innovative, competitive and socially responsible service provider. To be known for its customer centricity transparency and authenticity.


To be an entity that is prized for its commitments, dedication and service par excellence. We believe in lasting bonds through inspiring worthy experiences and customer insight in progressive prosperity. To be a company which values relationship, through which every customer would love to come back to us for our assured memorable experiences.


Mr.Syed Arif, the founder and chairman of Mercy Ventures is a philanthropist with innovative business ethics. His novel ideas have marked him to be a person with salient entrepreneurial spirit. He is personally being a part of multiple business streams with excellent team management, quality standards and best practices in every industry he is into. He is known for his relentless pursuit for excellence in business along with integrity and motivational leadership.

Mr.Yousuf Ahmed, an IATA certificate holder from a reputed institute, was a diligent member of multinational corporate in the travel industry. He is dedicated towards humanitarian assistance and has also flourished as an advisor for educational institutions and welfare organizations. With a decade experience in the travel industry he also carries rich and varied experience in procurement, purchases and logistics.

Mr.Ayazudeen, is a master degree holder and Ex-IT professional, had also been a mentor and one of the directors of an IT firm. Prior to this he had been involved with multi-national medical institutions and has good terms with highly specialized doctors. He is also an expertise in social media networking, through which he is profoundly taking steps towards the rapid success of Mercy Tourism.

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